5 Days. 100km. The Most Beautiful Adventure!

I am so lucky to have my Royal LePage family by my side, and THE best community partner to raise much needed funds and awareness for, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to revel in the beauty that the trip presented, and so optimistic that the over $1.1M we raised nationally, will offer education, prevention and shelter services to women, youth and children across Canada.

With the help of our incredible community, I was able to raise a whopping $37,500, to educate, fund programs, and offer women hope, in the fight to end domestic violence. 

So for that, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for rallying behind me this past year and for the incredible community support I have received throughout this journey.

I am gloriously alive. Emotionally spent. And so thankful for the experience.

~ Linz, Dec. 2019

Sahara Desert Challenge For Shelter | Royal LePage Shelter Foundation


Goal $30,000.00

Raised $37,500.00


I met my $30,000 goal – but it doesn’t have to stop there!!!

There is so much need, and this the perfect catalyst to help.

Did you know…

$35,000 equates to 280 nights/40 weeks/10 months of shelter for women and children!!

$35,000 will offer 1400 community counselling hours, which would help approx 60 women or children receive counselling for 6 months.

$35,000 will fund 35, 10-week workshops or groups.

Imagine what a cool $40,000 would do for Cornerstone!!??

Thank you SO SO SO much for all of your support this year.  It has been life-changing.  Truly.

Additional info on my trek below……..

I’m walking 100kms across the Sahara Desert for Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre!!

As a real estate agent in Northumberland County, Ontario, I revel in the opportunity to help my clients find a home they love and feel safe within.  The notion that anyone across Canada could feel anything less than protected, is disheartening. On any given night in Canada, close to 6000 women and children stay in an emergency shelter because it is not safe for them to be at home.  Every 6 days in Canada a woman is killed by her current or former partner.

When I bring it to a local level, that’s where it hits home.

Our local shelter, Cornerstone Family Violence and Prevention Centre, services an approx catchment of 85,600 individuals, and supported over 2600 women, children and youth in 2018.  Offering an encompassing community program of counselling, violence prevention programming, family court support, and of course through their shelter housing program.

Operating at a 127% shelter occupancy rate, the shelter is unfortunately turning away more women and children than ever before.  Over 100 women seeking shelter were unable to be admitted in the last year, being referred to external services as the only other option.  Lack of space and funding is sadly the case.  With ministry funding covering 80-85% of their program costs annually, Cornerstone relies heavily on donations.

I want to help these women and children by ensuring that a safe place and support services are available to them when they need it. They deserve our help and our encouragement that a brighter future is possible. I also recognize that educating our youth about building healthy relationships is the key to breaking the cycle of family violence. I am hoping that you will join me in making a difference.

In November 2019, I will be trekking 100 km across the Sahara Desert in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. For 5 straight days, my colleagues from Royal LePage offices across Canada and I will be hiking up to 7 hours a day across difficult terrain in the hot and dry desert climate, with temperatures dropping considerably at night. We will be sleeping in large group tents, using camping-style bathroom facilities (lord help me), and going without electricity, cell service (this will be my greatest test!) and the other comforts of home. To be eligible to participate, I must raise at least $5,000, but I have endeavoured to raise $30,000.

This journey will not be easy and it has already started for me. I have been preparing physically and mentally for months and will be covering my own travel costs. Each dollar we raise and every step we take will make it easier for women and children in our community to walk safely away from violence.

80% of all monies I raise will go directly to Cornerstone Family Violence Centre.  With the balance going back to our Royal LePage Shelter Foundation to fund programs such as Violence Prevention and Teen Healthy Relationship grants. 

Thank you for your support!

~ Linz